About This Site

This site was built as a final project for a Women’s Literature class. Portraiture and interviews with selected individuals in the upstate South Carolina area have been gathered here. Each participant was interviewed about one female author, artist or activist that has deeply affected them in some area of their lives. Whether it be in practical everyday ways, or in a more philosophical, introspective way, the efforts of contemporary female authors, artists, and activists have had a profound and empowering impact on the lives of women and men. We take a closer look at “case studies” of their influence here, providing supplementary information about each influencer.

The goal of this site is to foster a greater depth of understanding about the lives of women of all backgrounds, encourage literacy at all ages, and empower women and girls with information and inspiration. While there is much to be learned from published authors, artists and public figures, there is also a great deal to be learned from just listening to each other. The intention is to keep the project going, continually adding content whenever the opportunity presents itself.

If you’re reading this and there is a female author, artist, or activist that has been influential in your life and you’d enjoy sharing that inspiration with others, along with a bit about your own background, please contact me at the email link below. I’d love to hear from you.

Joy Hart